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Charlie's Chalk Dust

Known for their boutique vape juices, Charlie’s Chalk Dust are one of the most gourmet US based vape companies on the market today. With a reach spanning across the globe, Charlie’s Chalk Dust are available in wholesale and online deals with Restricted Liquid. Whether you’re looking for a unique vape flavour or a tried and tested classic, Charlie’s Chalk Dust know exactly the flavours to float your boat. Inspired by the story of a paperboy named Charlie and his entrepreneurial spirit, Charlie’s Chalk Dust relay a stylish and wholeheartedly vintage feel to them. And what better way to brand themselves, especially with their mythos being as intriguing as the flavours on offer. With the company’s intention of creating the best in “all day vape” juices, you can be sure to find some truly inspired flavours with Restricted Liquid.


Charlie’s Chalk Dust are an award winning vape company who are based out of the USA. They have won awards across a wide range of categories, from e liquid flavour testing and cloud chasing competitions. The company have won awards such as the Best in show category at the Houston Texas Vape summit with Slamberry and an award for their Headbangin Boogie flavour at the Vape Nights in Ontario. An editor’s choice award went to Pachamama with Vapeground Magazine as well a Eurovape Best Liquid award for their Mr Meringue flavour. The numerous awards won internationally by Charlie’s Chalk Dust just go to show how widely respected they are as a vape company.


Some examples of the flavours available at Restricted Liquid store include a perfect award winning vape flavour, Charlie’s Chalk Dust Head Bangin Boogie. Head Bangin Boogie brings an icy blueberry popsicle flavour into a sweet and refreshing flavour, perfect to chill on your tongue. Alongside this, you can expect the alluring Honey Badger and Drama Swirl flavours, bringing earthy notes of caramel and honey to your vape clouds.