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Simple Vape Co have been at the forefront of British vape juices since 2015, and have even represented the vaping industry in talks with parliament. The company, started by three ex-smoker and style conscious friends, saw a gap in the market for discreet vape flavours and devices which would attract customers like themselves. They set about working on juice flavours whilst still working their day jobs, and after an initial five flavours, began to expand their range due to increased popularity. Focussing on simple flavours which will keep you coming back for more, these clean, refreshing and simply tantalising vape juices talk to your finer, minimalist sensibilities.

Many vape companies out there focus on making their branding loud, and their flavours packed in with different tastes. The Simple Vape Company have been counter-intuitive, and rightly so, in pushing back against the crowd. Their vape bottles are simple and elegant in their branding and signature, whilst the juices themselves are sophisticated in their fruity flavours. Bringing sharp and comforting flavour, these nuanced juices are some of the most exciting on the market, and some of the best in up and coming vape juices in the UK.

Simple Vapes flavours range from simply Strawberry and mango flavours to rich and deluxe tobacco flavours. These juices are kept simple and refined so that you can enjoy them time and time again. With a range of flavours, Simple Vape are unique in that their juices cater to the ex-smoker who wants to vape with a higher PG level. With their nicotine concentrations ranging from 6 mg to 12 mg, these vape juices give those who are new to vaping a chance to keep that sensation of a satisfying throat hit, thus ensuring that they come back for more and don’t return to the unhealthy habit of smoking.