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About Us

The concept of Restricted Liquid came about from our own personal frustrations at the lack of quality vape shops dedicated to experienced and knowledgeable vapers. We realised that most vape shops work on the same principle, which is to stock everything and anything from the cheapest and lowest quality right up to the most expensive and highest quality. We were searching all over London for a dedicated, high end vape shop that just dealt in the best of the best. We couldn’t find one.

So we decided to set up the kind of vape shop that we had always dreamed of and Restricted Liquid was born.

We called the shop Restricted Liquid because we restrict the hardware and accessories that we sell to only those products that have the highest build quality, best performance and output and a solid international reputation amongst experienced vapers. We primarily deal with the modern, immensely satisfying sub-ohm style of vaping. We believe that it is so much more satisfying and pleasurable than e- cigarettes and that it provides the best possible way to quit traditional cigarettes.

We have spent a lot of time hand picking our liquid range to be able to provide our customers with the best tasting and highest quality flavours from the biggest, most sought after brands in the world. We wanted to provide a premium liquid destination where vapers would be able to explore the flavours in a relaxed, casual environment. We have individual testing stations for every brand, and we use Uwell Crown tanks for all of our testers, so our customers can get the best possible flavour and output when trying to choose their favourite liquid.

We know how intimidating and confusing vaping can be if you are relatively new to it all. We pride ourselves on the fact that we try to educate and share our experience to make it easy to understand and to ensure that your vaping experience is as satisfying, enjoyable and frustration free as possible.

Vaping is all about satisfaction and relaxation and at Restricted Liquid you get a generous helping of both! Come on in and experience our friendly and casual, yet world class, customer service and sample the best tasting and highest quality liquids at very competitive prices. Then come and chill with us in our awesomely relaxing Chill Lounge complete with PlayStation 4, free wifi, movies, drinks and an epic sound system that you can play your own tunes on!

London. Vaping Just Got Real