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Restricted Liquid are well known for their wide range of top-notch e liquids. With so many different types on offer and at such great prices, it’ll be hard not to leave our store with an overwhelming amount of e liquid.


The key to a good e liquid range is versaitility, something that Restricted has in the tonnes. Whether you’re looking for that perfect vape cloud, tastes from heaven or the sweet spot of nicotine balances, the Restricted Liquid range of e juices come with a wide range of choices to suit every vapers need.


So, what do you need to make a good vape juice? There are only five ingredients that go into a good vape juice, and that’s what makes them so much purer than tobacco, which has over 400 carcinogenic chemicals within it.


Propylene glycol


Propylene glycol is one of two chemical compounds that make the composition of vape juice. This organic compound is responsible for carrying the nicotine and the flavour of a vape juice and is known for being thinner in consistency than its counterpart vegetable glycerine. The ratio of Propylene glycol in your vape juice can be judged by the sign PG.


Vegetable glycerine


Vegetable glycerine is the chemical compound which is responsible for the thickness of vape juice. Vape juices with a higher VG ratio are usually reserved for those who want a denser cloud.




Nicotine is the one ingredient which links vape juice with tobacco. It is nicotine which gives vape juice its unique throat hit and this can be found in a range of different concentrations.




Flavourings are what give each vape juice their unique flavour. To find out more about your vape juices flavourings, read the back of the bottle or contact the manufacturer.




Water is the element within vape juice which makes it vaporise instead of burn. When heated up, the water solution becomes a vapour and is inhaled through the vape device.