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NS20 Nic Salts

NS20 (Nic Salts)

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NS20 (Nic Salts)

Nicotine salts are some of the most innovative vape juice additions in recent years. Whilst many other vape juices are known for their great range of flavours, and range of PG and VG levels, nicotine salts come with something a little more unique and cutting edge. It’s not easy to find new ways to innovate the vaping experience, but nicotine salts have done just that, enhancing pleasure and satisfaction in equal measure. Whether you’re looking for a powerful new pod for your mod or testing out the possibilities for your sub ohm, there’s always the choice of nicotine salts to enhance your flavours. What are nicotine salts and how are they made? Nicotine salts were created as a way for vape users with a higher tolerance and need for nicotine to get a satisfying nicotine dose without the harsh throat hit. Usually, vape juices are infused with nicotine in a process called freebasing, which adds ammonium to the nicotine to give it a kick. This is the the same process used in tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine salts use benzoic acid to create a salt out of the nicotine, bypassing the freebasing method and instead creating a form of purer nicotine which doesn’t have as much foa kick to it. This is perfect for the heavy nicotine vape user who wants to vape higher concentrations with a lighter feel to their inhale. There are a wide range of affordable nic salts available at Restricted Liquids. Whether you’re looking for a simple vaping solution for your pod mod or you want an actual vape juice bottle to drip with, then there’s plenty of high quality solutions here in Ealing and online. Some examples include the wide range of NS20 nic salts, which bring a wide range of delectable flavours including honey roasted tobacco and pink grapefruit. For even more versatility try out the NS20 pods.