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Coils are often overlooked in vaping, but are one of the most crucial components you can invest in. These thin little pieces of metal fit snugly into any vape set up and provide the bridge between the battery and the atomiser. Whether you’re sub ohm vaping or using a disposable cigalike, there will always be a coil within your vape set up. With so many different types of coil out there, it’s up to you to find the perfect one for your device, and with Restricted Liquid selling a wide range of great value coils, you’ve come to the right place.

How does a coil work then, and why is it so important to keep it in good working order? Coils can be made from a range of different metals, each working well with specific vape set ups and batteries and having their own unique properties. The coil works through connecting the battery to the atomiser. When the battery is powered on, it surges electricity through the conducting coil, which sends heat to the atomiser. The atomiser is saturated with e liquid, which when heated up by the electricity in the coil, will begin to be vaporised and inhaled by the user.

Coils come in a range of resistances. The resistance of a coil will depend on its thickness and width, as well as the metal it is made from. Lower resistance coils will allow more power through the battery and into the atomiser, meaning that more vapour is produced, whilst higher resistance coils are better suited to higher PG vape juices and those who want to vape mouth to lung style. Whatever your preference, whether it be nichrome, steel, kanthal or chromium, Restricted Liquid will have an atomiser coil for you, and at great value prices and with laboratory tested elements as well.